Christian Foundations

What are Christian Foundations?

Christian Foundations is a place where we get together and study the Bible. This progressive, Christ-centered class covers many topics.

Classes are free! We look forward to seeing you the next time classes are offered.

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Lesson Overviews:

“The New You”

In this class, we’ll cover what happened when you gave your heart to the Lord and who you are now in Christ Jesus!

“The Bible”

Want to know how the bible was comprised? Want to learn what the difference between the Old and New Testament is? This is the lesson where we dive into some of these complexities.

“Water and Wine”

This lesson focuses on water baptism and communion. While these don’t provide salvation, these are important parts of our walk with Christ.


Since the beginning of time, God had a plan in place to bring us back to Him! This lesson, we study this plan and how it impacts humanity.

“Faith and Prayer”

Faith and prayer to vital to our walk with the Lord. This lesson focuses on how these two go hand in hand.

“The Holy Spirit”

Who is the Holy Spirit? What’s His ministry to the world? This lesson answers those questions and more!

“Gifts of the Holy Spirit”

There are special gifts the Holy Spirit gives that are for the believer. This lesson focuses on what they are and how they work.

“Stewardship and Membership”

Tithing is an important biblical principle that is for us New Testament believers! Join us as we study these two important acts of worship!